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Tripod Image with Sid amendedYoutube page Tibor amended

Thank You Tibor for your great Review on our Micro Adjusting Tripod System

    Download link to YouTube Announcing Latest Targeting Micro Adjusting Tripod Head - Click Here for Download   Rolatube Information on Micro Adjusting Tripod Rolatube User guide  
See the latest videos of our Sniper Tripod in Action!

LMT Sharp Shooter -

H&K 417 -


The unique design of the tripod offers three exceptional properties; Firstly, it weighs approximately 80 to 90% less than existing tripod legs; secondly, it is fully collapsible; and finally, there are no moving parts on the tripod legs. The Clamping System is designed to hold a Picatinny Rail. This particular version is our original head design. It has now been superseded by our new Micro Adjusting Tripod Head.